When meetings face to face becomes a challenge, you have to think differently. Elite Hotel Academia is now merging with the local event and technology company Scenteknik to enabling digital meetings on a new level.

In a time of uncertainty, empty offices and unexpected turns, it all becomes clear that communication has never been as vital as it is now. We have transformed one of our conferences rooms into a streaming centre with the latest technology so people can continue to meet, inform and create new opportunities.

Arrange a video conference, seminar, webinar and lectures at a professional level with full technical support. The room can also be used for digital information meetings, presentations and press conferences; the possibilities are endless. The streaming centre is equipped with two cameras, sound, light and a high-resolution LED screen that measures a full 2x3.5 meters. Stream live directly from our hotel or record and broadcast at a later time.

The hotel has all the comforts and conveniences of home. The streaming centre comes with service-oriented technicians who guarantee operational reliability during the event.

Facts & Terms


  • All staff are healthy and symptom-free
  • The room is cleaned carefully and regularly
  • All surfaces are cleaned between the recordings
  • The studio is equipped with hand sanitizers
  • Sanitation and hygiene are our key priorities, and we have taken extraordinary measures to create a safe environment for you, our esteemed guests and employees.


Streaming from 32 600 SEK
Video conference from 15 000 SEK
The price includes a streaming centre with the very latest technology
Prices are ex VAT