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Ad Astra by Elite

Spa environment with large pool, many sunbeds and large windows

About Ad Astra by Elite

Västra Mälarehamnen 9, 151 36 Södertälje

Ad Astra by Elite is an Italian signature hotel with a premium approach located in beautiful Snäckviken south of Stockholm. An experience where the destination is the journey. The hotel has hand-picked some of the best gems of the Mediterranean regarding food, relaxation and entertainment. Everything from Italian food, fantastic SPA and entertainment such as cinema and petanque. A wide range of everyday luxuries, entertainment and a place to recharge your batteries. Experience the Riviera 28 minutes south of Stockholm.

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4 star hotel
161 non smoking rooms
Vana Spa
Fun & activities
Indoor & outdoor pool
28 minutes south of Stockholm

Just south of Stockholm, more precisely 28 minutes away, you will find the Riviera. It may sound unlikely but it is actually true.

Here you find double outdoor pools with a view of Snäckviken as well as our nice Vana Spa. You can actually swim from inside Vana Spa out to the pool outdoors. There is also an Italian piazza with French petanque courts, the opportunity to eat a real Neapolitan pizza or just enjoy an Aperol Spritz next to the fountain.

This hotel is also the destination. Whether you want to see a film in our cinema, enjoy life in our spa or have a conference with Champagne karaoke, everything is with us in a unique turn-of-the-century environment.

This hotel is very special to us, and it's not necessarily because it has a Champagne karaoke, shuffleboard, billiards, cinema, two restaurants or three pools. Nor the six fantastic suites with a view of Snäckviken. In fact, not even the twelve nice conference rooms where the largest receives 150 guests. Or even the 161 rooms. It's because we gathered everything under one roof, under the stars next to Snäckviken.

Ad Astra by Elite is a completely pet-free hotel, including all units and outdoor environments like La Piazza. Only guide dogs are exempt from the rule and are welcome everywhere. No other animals are allowed in the hotel.


Vana Spa

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