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Frukost på Elite Hotels

Kvinna som äter frukost i hotellsäng

When you stay at Elite Hotels, you can expect a memorable morning experience that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Our generous breakfast buffet offers a wide selection carefully designed to cater to various tastes. Whether you prefer a hearty start with egg dishes, bacon, and freshly brewed coffee or a lighter beginning with fresh fruit and yogurt, you will find something that suits you here. Our elegant facilities and friendly staff look forward to welcoming you and ensuring you have a pleasant morning. Welcome to explore our hotel breakfast!

Breakfast at Elite Hotels

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Breakfast at Elite Hotel Mårtenson

Start the day with a delicious breakfast at Elite Hotel Mårtenson in Halmstad. Every morning we prepare a delicious breakfast buffet based on seasonal ingredients. Enjoy the most important meal of the day in our cozy Salon at Elite Hotel Mårtenson.

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Breakfast at Elite Hotel Brage

Start the day with a delicious breakfast at Elite Hotel Brage. Every morning we serve a breakfast buffet for hotel guests at Elite Hotel Brage, and you, as an external guest, are also welcome to have breakfast with us if space allows.

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