There are many conferences, board meetings, lectures and team-building activities that are cancelled or postponed in the nearby future. In our studios, we can help you arrange a great digital event of high technical quality. The studio comes with professional staff such as sound and light technicians, camera operators and more - depending on your needs.

Our small studio, which is 158 square meters, offers a flexible layout for the slightly simpler lecture, training, or meeting. With a sleek design and high technical quality, this is an affordable alternative. It is adapted for two people at a standing table with its computer.

Our large studio is 248 square meters and can be expanded into two modules for a total area of 585 square meters. This means plenty of space for your participating guests and spacious furnishing. We have developed three cost-effective packages to give you a quick idea of what may suit you; Studio Small, Medium and Large. Feel free to contact us for more information and tailor-made solutions.

Our experienced staff has great knowledge of both international, large and small meetings. Meet in inspiring meeting environments and with a professional team who will contribute to a personal and memorable experience. Our popular restaurant atPark provides coffee, lunch and dinner.

Of course, we closely follow the directives and recommendations issued by the Swedish authorities. Cleanliness and hygiene are of the highest priority. We have taken several measures to create a safe environment for your conference guests and our employees.

Facts & Terms

Included in both studios:

  • Fixed studio lighting
  • Recordist
  • Image producer
  • Studio rent 1 day

In the form, you choose whether you want to book the small or large studio room.