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Christmas buffet with Christmas sweets

Experience Elite Hotel's classic Christmas buffet and enjoy great food in a beautiful environment.


Experience Elite Hotels traditional Christmas buffet with a modern twist. Enjoy a mixture of Swedish classic Christmas dishes, new tasting experiences, vegan delights and a delicious dessert table.

Capture the Christmas spirit in unique environments with a long history of Christmas celebrations. Experience the scents, music and beautiful decorations during a memorable Christmas dinner around the table. Some of our hotels get visits from Santa Claus, who collects the children's wish lists.

Sit down at set tables and look forward to an evening full of Christmas spirit. Begin with tasty herrings with delicious side orders. This is followed by smoked salmon, charcuteries and excellent vegetarian options. Our Christmas buffets have something for everyone to enjoy, and no matter what flavours you prefer, you can always find a new favourite among all our delicious dishes. Do not miss our classic meatballs, colourful salads and aged cheeses. And please save some room for dessert, we offer plenty of delicious pastries, Christmas sweets and freshly brewed coffee.

We offer Christmas flavours all over Sweden served as both lunch and dinner. Find your local Christmas buffet further down the page to read more about this year's arrangements, prices and dates.

Welcome to book this year's Christmas buffet at Elite Hotels!

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