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Grand Hotel

Elite Grand Hotels are located in Norrköping and Gävle. Each hotel was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and has also been renovated and reconstructed to meet the hotel guests of the 21st century. The architecture is still there and many design details have been kept to create a “grand” experience together with a full service hotel experience.

A Grand Hotel shares its history and impressive architecture from the last century. It has a central location with the best view of the city and often close to water. The purpose is to create a natural meeting place for smaller and larger event, conferences, weddings, parties and celebrations.

The building in Gävle was built in 1901 by architect Ture Stenberg, next to the city's central station. In 2011 Elite Hotels acquired the building with the aim to recreating the hotel to its former glory.

In 1906 Göta Hotel was opened in Norrköping at Tyska Torget, and it was only in 1948 that the hotel became the Grand Hotel Norrköping. In 1986 we acquired the Grand Hotel Norrköping and have since continued to lead the innkeeper tradition.

At Elite Hotels of Sweden we want to continue offering our guests an experience beyond the usual, lined with traditional tradition, quality and flare.


Elite Grand Hotel is situated in a magnificent building from 1901 next to Gävle Central Station. Stay in a unique environment where historic construction meets modern trends. The hotel has a relaxation area & gym and the cosy restaurant Grands Veranda. 

From   891 SEK /night

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Elite Grand Hotel is centrally located by the Motala River at Tyska Torget in Norrköping. The building has a long history and was first inaugurated in 1906. The hotel boasts a beautiful banquet hall, a prime waterfront location and a gastropub with a spacious outdoor area.

From   590 SEK /night

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