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Workation at Elite Hotels

Bring your home office to us and change your work environment for one up to six days at one of our quality hotels. Check-in at one of our lovely hotel rooms and start your days refilling with energy from our generous breakfast buffet. You then sit down in either the lobby, the restaurant or in a private conference room to work. During or after the working day you can recover by using the hotel's various facilities, such as a spa and gym. After a long working day, you rest in a comfortable hotel bed, and the following day our hotel breakfast awaits again. Below we present our different packages, where you can choose to be served dinner in our pubs and if you are going to stay one to up to six days.

Take the job to a new place

Varied working days

Varied working days

Breakfast to Breakfast

One to up to three days at one of our quality hotels with free access to wifi, coffee and water.

Get dinner served

Get dinner served

Breakfast, dinner and breakfast

One to up to three days boost in your work situation and a good two-course dinner in the hotel pub.

A longer recovery

A longer recovery

Several days workation

Four to up to six days of varied work environment and two-course dinners at the hotel's pub.


Boost your employees with a well-deserved environmental change

Many people hurt by the pandemic and testify that the boundary between office and leisure is easily blurred when the office is at home. Take care of your employees and let them work one or more days from our quality hotels. With us, they can start their working days with our generous breakfast buffet and then settle down in the lobby, restaurant or in an individual conference room to work undisturbed. Of course, they have access to our fast wifi and can provide themselves with coffee and water all working day. Lunch is available for purchase at our hotel restaurants. During or after the working days, they can use the hotel's various facilities at some of our hotels, such as the spa and gym. After the working day, they rest in a comfortable hotel bed, and the following day they can enjoy our hotel breakfast again.

Pamper your employees and let them take part in one of our three Workation packages, where there is an alternative that dinner is included and if the stay should be for one to up to six days.

With us you stay safely

Our routines around COVID-19

Elite Hotels has taken a number of measures to create a safe environment for you guests and our employees.