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Welcome to stay at one of our beautiful hotels until January 2021!

Rent a hotel room as your temporary home! We offer hotel rooms for long term rentals until January 2021. Choose between centrally located hotel rooms all across Sweden. Our long term rentals are available at most of our hotels and in several different types of rooms. Please contact us at for more details and prices.


  • Maximum of two people/room
  • Monthly prepayment
  • Valid for accommodation for a minimum of 1 month
  • Valid for accommodation until May 5 2021
  • Arrival no later than April 1, 2021
  • Elite Hotels can cancel or relocate the accommodation to a nearby location with 30 days notice
  • Card payment only
  • Membership benefits through Elite Hotels Rewards do not apply
  • We offer a possibility to stay a night in your room as a test; the cost will be deducted from the first monthly fee.