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Room temperature - a climate-smart choice

Here is information on how the room temperature works. The Wood Hotel by Elite works actively with sustainability, which means, among other things, that we want to improve efficiency and keep our energy consumption down.

We save energy when you are away from your hotel room and your key card is not in the cardholder. The temperature is always between 19-25 degrees depending on the weather outside, among other things. This means that we do not use energy to heat or cool an empty room. You can, therefore, experience that it is cold in the room during the winter or warm during the summer. When you insert your key card into the holder, the temperature is always preset to 21 degrees.

You can change the desired temperature by pressing on the touch screen, on + and -. You can also adjust the fan's efficiency on the touch screen. The fan is only for cooling, so it does not control the heat and we recommend having it on auto.

Your settings are always reset at 12.00 every day, and you need to adjust to your desired temperature again if you stay for several days in a row.

A central program controls our sunscreens. It activates the solar shading in the hotel and is divided into four facades facing different directions. It can, for example, be:

  • When the sun's intensity is above the limit value for the facade
  • The outside temperature is above the limit value
  • The wind sensor is not above the limit value
  • The sun is in a position where it shines on the current facade
  • Fire alarm, rain sensor, or frost protection are not active

The solar shading is activated separately for each façade when the conditions above cease.

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