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It’s easy to understand why Plaza is such a natural name for a hotel that has a particularly nice façade. There is a “plaza” in most cities around the world, a city square where people go to meet friends, shop or just hang out. You often see a statue or a monument in the middle of the square, with or without a fountain. Along the square are hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes and sometimes a church or a city hall.

There are many famous city squares in the world

Trafalgar Square in London, Times Square in New York, Red Square in Moscow and Tiananmen Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace) in Beijing just to mention a few. In Sweden many cities have a city square called the Big Square. In Stockholm we also have popular Norrmalmstorg and Sergels Torg, in Malmö we have the open market Möllevångstorget and in Norrköping we have Skvallertorget, a square where people during the 18th century came to fetch water and talk.

Elite Hotels of Sweden has the following Plaza Hotels:

Five-star Elite Plaza Hotel in Gothenburg has carefully preserved its original features generating a truly unique experience.

Elite Marina Plaza Hotel has a beautiful location by the sea in Helsingborg.

Elite Plaza Hotel in Malmö is often called the "The Riviera" due its reminiscence of the Mediterranean.

Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza is located next to the green oasis Humlegården in the centre of Stockholm.

Elite Plaza Hotel in Örnsköldsvik is the tallest building in the city offering an amazing view from the top floor.

Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza is a modern classic hotel, located at Birger Jarlsgatan in central Stockholm, a short walk from busy Stureplan square and opposite the green oasis, Humlegården. The two popular restaurants Vassa Eggen Steak House and Asian inspired restaurant TAKO are both located in the same building as the hotel.

From   740 SEK /night

(The price was found today, and refers to 4/16/2021)


Discover the five-star Elite Plaza Hotel in central Gothenburg. The hotel offers beautiful hotel rooms, gym & relax, the charming gastropub The Bishops Arms and the restaurant Swea Wine & Dine. The building was completed as early as 1889, and even today there are carefully preserved original details such as unique art, stucco ceilings and mosaic floors.

From   790 SEK /night

(The price was found today, and refers to 4/16/2021)


Elite Plaza Hotel Malmö is centrally located at Gustav Adolfs torg, surrounded by restaurants and shops. The property was built in the late 1890s and is also known under the nickname "The Riviera" due to the white facade being reminiscent of the Mediterranean. Our hotel offers 116 tastefully furnished rooms with air conditioning which ensures that the room temperatures is pleasant all year round. The hotel is also equipped with a gym, relaxation area, six spacious conference rooms with a total capacity of 250 people and an in-house parking garage. Next door you find our popular pub The Bishops Arms.

From   690 SEK /night

(The price was found today, and refers to 4/22/2021)


Elite Plaza hotel is centrally located at the harbour on Hotellgatan in Örnsköldsvik. The building was opened in 2013 and is the tallest building in town, with magnificent views and a relax facility at the top. In the summer, the adjacent gastropub offers a spacious outdoor terrace.

From   869 SEK /night

(The price was found today, and refers to 5/1/2021)