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Exclusive Dinner Show – Ola Salo

Ola Salo with a wine red background


MT Live presents a great experience in a small format. One of Sweden's foremost artists, Ola Salo, together with his friend and pianist Christopher Dominique, offers the audience a unique evening of music with intimacy and spontaneity at the centre. The minimal setting gives full room for improvisation and whimsy, which makes each performance different from the other.

Ola alternates his own songs from his entire career with songs from his favourite artists and offers reflections and stories in between. There will be both humour and seriousness, ideas and madness. Don't miss this chance to meet this versatile artist in the most personal and stripped down format he has ever offered. A unique evening that gives the feeling that the artist is at home in your own living room. During the evening, a delicious two-course dinner of top class is served with the ambition of creating an evening where flavours, music and environment together fill the senses with much-needed impressions. Elite Hotels offers an overall experience, a package with an overnight stay in lovely hotel rooms where the hotel's generous breakfast is included the following day. Everyone who bought a ticket to the Exclusive Dinner Show is offered a favourable discount on the hotel's regular prices.

Produced by MT Live & Elite Hotels of Sweden. Age limit 18 years


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