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Elite Hotels Rewards Terms & conditions

Membership terms and conditions that apply to Elite Hotels Rewards. If you have any questions, please contact our member service via e-mail at member@elite.se.


1.1 Elite Hotels Rewards membership is an agreement between Elite Hotels of Sweden, company registration number 556248-5259 (hereafter "Elite Hotels") and you personally (subsequently "Member").

1.2. Only individuals over 18 are eligible for membership in Elite Hotels Rewards. Corporations, groups or legal entities cannot enrol as members.

1.3. Elite Hotels may amend the program's content (membership rules, benefits, point rules, etc.). Elite Hotels will inform you of such changes via at least one of our information channels: our website, e-mail, text message or regular mail.

1.4. Elite Hotels can discontinue sending regular information to the member if zero (0) points have been earned during 12 months.

1.5. If zero (0) points have been registered for three years, Elite Hotels reserves the right to cancel the membership, including any unredeemed points, immediately and without written notice.

1.6. The Member can terminate the membership by contacting Elite Hotels Member Service via e-mail: member@elite.se.

1.7. The termination of the membership will be effective as soon as Elite Hotels Rewards has processed the request, generally within 72 hours. Any unredeemed points will be removed when the membership is terminated.

1.8. Members can earn points and use benefits by stating the Elite Hotels Rewards membership number or using the digital membership card available on elite.se.

1.9. The membership card is personal, and the member must be able to show an identity card if requested. The Elite Hotels Rewards card is valid only if the member's signature is written on the back and the member has agreed to the Terms and Conditions. The card is valid until the expiration date stated on the card.

1.10. Nights booked at the member rate are not allowed to be sold to third parties, and we reserve the right to change the reservation to our flex price with associated booking terms if this happens.

1.11. A member can not book more than 4 rooms at his membership discount during the same accommodation period. One of these rooms must be for the member. If this happens, we reserve the right to change the bookings to today's flex price with associated booking conditions. Points and tier nights are only given for the member's room.

1.12. In case of misuse, Elite Hotels has the right to terminate the membership immediately. Misuse can consist of disrespectful or unsuitable behaviour towards Elite Hotels or its partners, illegal conduct or actions generally regarded as immoral or unethical or violating the Terms and Conditions.

1.13. Elite Hotels may report misuse of the membership to the police.

1.14. Any dispute regarding the content of the Terms and Conditions will be resolved according to Swedish law and settled in a Swedish Court of law. Elite Hotels is not responsible for events arising due to legal enactments, government decisions, emergencies, strikes, blockades, boycotts, lockouts or other similar circumstances.

1.15. Elite Hotels of Sweden reserves the right to cancel Elite Hotels Rewards with six months' notice to the members. Such information may be sent via e-mail or published on the Elite Hotel of Sweden's website. Elite Hotels are not responsible for any loss such termination may imply for the individual member.

1.16. Elite Hotels of Sweden reserves the right to close a hotel. Any member benefits for an upcoming reservation will be forfeited if the hotel is closed entirely or partially.


2.1. Bonus points and tier nights are only awarded when the member personally stays at the hotel and only for one room at a time. Points are personal and cannot be transferred to another account.

2.2. The only occasion when the member can earn points for more than one room is when the member has booked rooms together with family for one visit. Family refers to a partner and children up to 13 years old. Tier nights will only be added for one room. 

2.3. Points are valid for three (3) years. After that, the points will automatically expire if not used. When redeeming points, the oldest points are always used first.

2.4. The member is responsible for determining the validity of the points and when they expire. Points that already have expired can not be reinstated.

2.5. Points or tier nights are not awarded for no-show situations, even if the room is paid in full.

2.6. Points have no economic value and cannot be exchanged for cash.

2.7. Elite Hotels may exclude the possibility of earning points and tier nights in connection with special offers, promotions and certain agreements with corporations, partners and organizations.

2.8. Within six months and without notice, Elite Hotels has the right to correct or delete incorrectly posted points and or tier nights.


3.1. Bonus points and tier nights are earned for qualified hotel stays. Qualified stays are overnight stays booked through Elite Hotels' in-house channels (via elite.se, with the central reservations office or with the hotel directly). Reservations through traditional travel agencies might qualify depending on the rate type. Does not apply to Longstay.

3.2. Bonus points or tier nights are not awarded for bookings made by third parties, such as online travel agencies, charter companies, bus companies or similar. Elite Hotels Member service will answer questions about specific bookings. Bonus points or tier nights are not earned when using a reward night.

3.3. Purchasing items or services supplied by an external party or for which Elite Hotels are only acting as an intermediary does not qualify for points. Such examples include event tickets, flowers, etc.

3.4. Members will earn one point per 1 SEK spent if nothing else is specified.

3.5. Members of Elite Hotels Rewards receive points regardless of how the bill is paid (cash, card or invoice), provided that the stay is qualified for points and that the membership number is registered with the booking.

3.6. Points for restaurant bills are only awarded for an overnight stay and a maximum of SEK 5,000. You can only register one membership for the party. Payment with a voucher does not entitle the earning of points.

3.7. To earn points for a restaurant visit, the membership card or membership number must be presented when ordering, and the bill must be charged to the room bill.

3.8. Overnight stays connected to a full board conference (including accommodation) with common payment. The individual member is entitled to a fixed number of points per night according to the information presented on Elite Hotels website at the actual time.

3.9. Conference venue rental, conference food or conference equipment does not qualify for earning points.

3.10. Points are available on the member's account the first weekday after checking out of the hotel.


4.1. According to Swedish tax laws, points earned through business travel cannot be used for private purposes. Therefore, every member must notify the employer and/or concerned authorities and pay potential taxes and fees.

4.2. The member must notify the employer in advance if the member intends to use points for private purposes and apply to the employer's policy.

4.3. Elite Hotels accepts no liability for potential taxes and fees that may occur with the Elite Hotels Rewards program.


5.1. Bonus points that, for different reasons, have not been registered in the normal way can be registered retroactively within six (6) months after check-out. The condition is that the guest was a member of Elite Hotels Rewards during the stay. Elite Hotels Member Service carries out registration.

5.2. New members can re-register points for stays up to one (1) month back from the date you created the membership but within six (6) months after the completed visit.


6.1. Points can be used for reward nights and other offers at Elite Hotels or partners according to the information presented on Elite Hotels website at the time.

6.2. Point redemptions are made through "My Pages" when logged in to elite.se or Elite Hotels Member Service.

6.3. Two members or more cannot merge their points to meet the criteria for a point redemption unless it's stated explicitly in the offer.

6.4. The number of reward nights at Elite Hotels is subject to availability when booking. There may be available rooms to Flex rate even though the number of rooms allocated for reward nights is fully booked. There may also be occasions when there are no reward nights available.

6.5. Elite Hotels reserves the right to exclude the possibility of earning points and/or using member benefits in connection with reward nights.

6.6. The cost of points for a reward night is presented on elite.se and is valid for one person in a single room or two persons in all other room types. Additional charges are applicable for additional persons.

6.7. An issued voucher is a valuable document and cannot be refunded for cash or points. The expiration date is issued on the voucher. Lost vouchers are not replaced. Issued vouchers, gift cards and bonus nights may not be resold.

6.8. Cancellation of a reward night or other point redemptions must be made within the specified time limit. If points used to pay the reward night have expired at the time of cancellation, they will not be refunded to the member's account.

6.9. Elite Hotels Rewards reserves the right to deduct points without notice if technical problems arise with booking reward nights or other points withdrawals.


7.1. To be upgraded to a higher level or keep your current level, the following number of qualified stays are required at Elite Hotels during a 12-month period from your personal start date. Level Silver = 5 nights Level Gold = 25 nights Level Platinum = 55 nights

7.2. The membership level is valid during the current year as the member qualifies and the following personal member year.


8.1. Current member benefits are listed on Elite Hotels website, elite.se.

8.2. The Member receives a restaurant voucher for each night with a value based on the member level and can be used at referred restaurants and pubs. Each voucher is valid for one day, and several vouchers can't be used on one occasion. Vouchers are not valid as payment for items purchased from the minibar, room service fees or kiosks at the hotel. If the referred restaurant or pub is closed, the voucher stands invalid.

8.3. Member benefits at the hotel are offered subject to availability only when the member is personally staying there. Bookings made by third parties, Longstay and specific agreements are not eligible for member benefits. In addition, if the hotel is closed in whole or parts, such as a gym renovation, the benefits stand invalid.

8.4. When staying at Hotel Bishops Arms, members are entitled to earning points for qualified stays, tier nights and restaurant vouchers. Other benefits are not valid at Hotel Bishops Arms.


9.1. Points can be earned with some associated partners of Elite Hotels Rewards, according to the information presented on Elite Hotels website, elite.se, at the time.

9.2. Rules stated in chapter 3 (Earning bonus points) are valid with participating partners' loyalty programs. In general, points are earned for one program per stay. Earning points with Elite Hotels Rewards and an associated partner is only possible if clearly stated in the offer.


10.1. Elite Hotels is responsible for processing the personal information a member agrees to provide.

10.2. The personal data provided by the member when registering for Elite Hotel Rewards will be used by Elite Hotels (or its successor) to process and administer the membership.

10.3. By signing up for a membership or by using the membership card, the member accepts the below-stated process of personal data, as well as receives communication from Elite Hotels via regular mail, e-mail or SMS, provided that the member, upon registration or later, provided his contact details to Elite Hotels.

10.4. The Member accepts that Elite Hotels of Sweden, its partners, subcontractors and companies process the Member's data according to the terms and conditions of the membership, stated below:

  • To administer Elite Hotels Rewards
  • To update personal data
  • Provide and develop business partners' services and product
  • To improve the quality of the hotel experience and digital services,
  • To individualize Elite Hotels' communication with the members,
  • To provide customer-oriented and personalized marketing from Elite Hotels
  • Evaluating tools and analyzing data
  • Contact information may be shared with business partners

10.5. For the above purposes, Elite Hotels may collect and use personal data as intended below:

  • Information provided by the member when registering to Elite Hotels Rewards or when using Elite Hotels Rewards
  • When purchasing services or products from Elite Hotels,
    Personal data may be updated and supplemented with data from public and private registers.

10.6. We save account information regarding purchases and use of points and the member's action in e-mail and SMS communications.

10.7. A member can send a request to see the personal data that Elite Hotels are processing.

10.8. The member is entitled to request that Elite Hotels either correct or erase the member's personal data. The request should be sent in writing to Elite Hotels Member Service.

10.9. Information about any account is only disclosed to the member or a person with the member's written and signed power of attorney.

10.10. For a name change, contact member service at member@elite.se. Since our memberships are personal, you need to send us a valid identification of the name change.

10.12. The member may unsubscribe from direct marketing anytime by contacting Elite Hotels of Sweden.


11.1. The membership terms & conditions are effective from June 1, 2007. Revised January 25, 2022, and replaced all previous versions.

Contact Memeber Service

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