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Gym behind patterned glass wall

Welcome to our 300 square meter gym for a unique workout experience! Experience high-quality training when you participate in a yoga class or work out with a personal trainer. The price includes a towel and exclusive Kerstin Florian products in the changing rooms. Additionally, we offer a discounted price on spa entry. Welcome!


With a personal trainer, you get guidance, support, and motivation, whether you're longing to start exercising or looking to challenge your workout routine in a new way. Contact us today, and our personal trainer will help you find a solution that suits your needs. Create a healthy routine for your well-being with personal training.

Man sitting in a gym environment
Per session:
  • 945 SEK/PT-hour
  • 1 295 SEK/PT Duo-hour
clip cards:
  • 8 950 SEK/10 PT-hours
  • 12 300 SEK/10 PT Duo-hours

The price includes access to locker rooms with locks, showers, towels, and access to the spa in connection with the training session.


Please contact us at stockholm@vana.se or call 010-583 21 65.

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Yoga classes

Welcome to our yoga studio. A relaxing space where we hold yoga classes with a focus on energy, balance, and flow for both beginners and more advanced yogis.

  • Drop-in: 250 SEK per session
  • Clip card: 2000 SEK for 10 sessions

The price includes a towel, Kerstin Florian products in the changing room, and a discounted price on spa entry.