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Chef's Table

High chairs around table with table setting and wine

Welcome to the heart of Elite Hotel Mårtenson, our favorite place, the mythical Chef's Table.

Right next to the kitchen, as close as you can get to the chefs, we invite you to drink tastings and feasts. Here wines flow with high dignity, masterpieces are served and wonderful conversations begin that never seem to find an end. The menu is composed by one of our most tasteful chefs and is complemented with the most suitable drinks. With expertise in food creation, textures, and flavoring, we create an unforgettable experience.

Please get in touch for more information, menu, or other questions. We tailor evenings for those of you who are looking for something beyond the usual night out.

Minimum 8 people, maximum number 12 people.

(+46)035-17 75 75

Franz Bistro & Bar
Storgatan 52
302 43 Halmstad