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The Bishops Arms Växjö

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The Bishops Arms Växjö

About The Bishops Arms

In the hotel you find our pub – The Bishops Arms.

When you step inside, it feels like you came from one of London’s narrow streets. Authentic pub atmosphere, tasty and affordable food, music that allows a sensible conversation. From here, you will not go thirsty. We have 100 different types of beer to choose from and just as many types of whisky, so chances are that you will find your favorite.




Classic toast skagen with roe
115 SEK

Goat cheese bruchetta with honey, roasted walnuts, ruccola. Served with pickled beetroot och prosciutto
109 SEK

Homemade Pie of Västerbotten cheese. Served with a crisp sallad
95 SEK

Dip platter with nachos, cheese, salami, cucumber, onion rings, chili poppers, whiskey cheesecréme and salsa dip
119 SEK


Grilled 250g entrecôte with beairnaisse sauce, herb roasted vegetables, corn and fries
259 SEK

Hot smoked salmon with a dill- and lemoncréme, lemon and crisp sallad. Served with a lukewarm delicacy potatoes
175 SEK

Fillet of beef linguine served with a pesto sauce, parmesan, and ruccola
189 SEK

Shellfish pasta with prawns and mussels as well as a cognac flavoured lobster sauce, vegetables, ruccola, parmesan and basil oil
199 SEK

Classic Swedish shrimp sandwich XL
179 SEK

Pike perch with a bacon- and parmesancréme, fresh vegetables, lemon and butter tossed delicacy potatoes
195 SEK

Traditional Swedish dish of diced potatoes and meat. Served with pickled beetroot and two fried eggs
159 SEK

Traditional Swedish food. Dish varies, and is served Tuesday through Friday
145 SEK


Fish n`chips with a lemon remoulade sauce and french fries
165 SEK

Caesar salad with croutons and your choice of: chicken & bacon, vegetarian option or prawns
159 SEK

Halloumi burger serverd with tomato, pickled red onion, salad, arugula, sun dried tomato, feta cheese sauce and french fries
179 SEK

Vegetarian burger of lentils, beans, and roasted roots. Served with a mangosalsa, bean sprouts and fried sweet potatoes
159 SEK

Vegetarian pasta with pesto sauce, arugula, vegetables and parmesan
139 SEK

Grilled panini with prosciutto, tomatoes and cheddar. Served wih a mixed sallad and ranch dressing
129 SEK

Extra sweet potatoes
30 SEK


Ice cream in waffle, served with a chocolate sauce
59 SEK

Three kinds of cheese, homemade ginger marmalade, gooseberry marmalade and our homemade crispbread
125 SEK

Strawberry cheesecake
69 SEK

Chocolate truffle
20 SEK




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Opening hours

The Bishops Arms is open from 5 p.m. every day of the week.

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