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Bar 115

Bar 115

Bar 115

Bar 115 is our new jazz and cocktail bar. The bar offers a classic but playful drink list with signature drinks such as "A drink called Ove", "James Ryan" and "Charente Fizz".

Bar 115 has about 100 seats and serves a large selection of gastro-snacks such as Manchego, fennel and truffle sausages, anchovies in olive oil and extra good olives.

The music is usually jazz, sometimes in the form of a DJ and sometimes live. Follow us on Instagram for updates: @bar115_


Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 16:00–00:00
Saturday: 12:00–00:00
Sunday: 12:00–17:00

Opening hours midsummer
Thursday 20/5: 16:00–24:00 
Friday 21/6: Closed 
Saturday 22/6: Closed 
Sunday 23/6: Closed 
Monday 24/6– Sunday 30/6: 16.00–24.00

Contact us

Sankt Eriksgatan 115
113 43 Stockholm