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Welcome to Sturebadet Marina Tower

A spa with steam room

Enjoy a relaxing spa stay

Gather new energy to create a pleasant balance in life. We have tailored packages for all your senses. Recharge your batteries in a luxurious spa environment before it's time for a unique taste experience. Sleep in comfortable beds and look forward to an extraordinary breakfast buffet. Enhance your stay with a spa treatment personally adapted to your needs and wishes. Welcome to a memorable experience with the best of everything.

Our spa packages

Sturebadet Marina Tower

Discover our restaurant and hotel

Opening Hours

Monday-Friday: 06.30-21.30
Saturday: 09.00-21.00
Sunday: 09.00-19.00

Age limit 18 years. Children are welcome every day between 09.00-10.00 in the company of an adult. Price: Adult SEK 195, children free.

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