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Welcome to Le Trottoir!

  • Entrance to the restaurant Le Trottoir
  • Overview of the restaurant at Elite Stora Hotellet in Jönköping
  • The facade of a restaurant
Welcome to Le Trottoir!


Discover the cozy Le Trottoir with glimpses of Vättern. The restaurant is perfect for early morning meetings with its delicious breakfast or the mingle after the conference. The venue provides about 140 seating places and with its bright and modern environment, is a great place for both small and big meetings.

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Opening hours

Evening - Open for pre-ordered company
For more information and booking: Hans Dimberg:, tel. +46 (0) 36-215 50 17

Daytime - Lunch
For conference lunch or pre-ordered lunches for groups:
Hans Dimberg:, tel. +46 (0) 36-215 50 17

Contact us

Le Trottoir
553 20 Jönköping