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Experience the summer paradise of Borlänge

Woman in kayak in summer

At the border between northern and southern Sweden, along the banks of the Dalälven River, you'll discover the picturesque Borlänge. With its deep forests, high peaks, and beautiful lakes, nature showcases its best side here, making Borlänge the perfect summer destination. Here, we've gathered our top tips!

For the active ones, there are plenty of experiences just around the corner. East of Borlänge lies the town of Torsång, also known as the Venice of Dalarna. The popular café by the river is a must-visit, as well as the medieval church, the motor museum, and the local heritage farm. Lake Runn is a summer gem offering delightful swimming and peaceful paddling. However, experiencing Runn isn't limited to the water; a 50-kilometer bike ride around the lake is perfect for a day trip. Borlänge also offers culinary delights, artisanal joy, and cultural experiences in charming old quarters, modern shopping galleries, cozy parks, and a vibrant music scene. Borlänge is the perfect starting point for those who want to stay comfortably, dine well, and simultaneously have culture, adventure, and wilderness just a stone's throw away.

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