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Wedding at Elite Hotel Mollberg

  • Weddingsetting of the tables at Elite Hotel Mollberg
  • Superiorroom at Elite Hotel Mollberg in Helsingborg
  • Reception and lobby at Elite Hotel Mollberg in Helsingborg
Wedding at Elite Hotel Mollberg

Wedding and festivities

Elite Hotel Mollberg offers two beautiful venues, Peter Mollbergsalen and Vinkällaren, where you have the possibility to arrange wedding receptions and other festivities customized to your wishes. Our talented chefs will help you to assemble menus tailored to your needs, anything from 5 course dinners to buffets.

Vinkällaren has a connecting library that can be used as a dancefloor or mingle area before or after dinner. Vinkällaren is suitable for groups up to 50 people.

The wedding night

The hotel building has a long history and bears a glamourous atmosphere perfect for the wedding night. We offer a variation of beautiful rooms for the bridal couple as well as guests who wish to stay the night.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want further information or have any questions. Give us a call on 042-37 37 00 or e-mail us at