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Marina bar & bistro

  • Dish at Marina Bar & Bistro
  • Dish at Marina Bar & Bistro
  • Dish at Marina Bar & Bistro
  • Dish at Marina Bar & Bistro
  • The restaurant environment at Marina Bar & Bistro
  • The restaurant environment at Marina Bar & Bistro
Marina bar & bistro

About the restaurant

Marina Bar & Bistro is a classical restaurant with an attractive à la carte menu and a beautiful view over the sea.




Toast Skagen with grilled bread, salad, lemon and dill 129 SEK

Seared scallop, cauliflower cream, Jerusalem 125 SEK

Carpaccio, white fish roe, red onion, egg cream, horseradish and crutons 120 SEK

Salsify with pickled apple, pepper-fried salsify, pickled mustard seeds and coriander mayonnaise 75 SEK


Shrimp sandwich, 150g hand-peeled shrimps on Danish rye bread with mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber and red onion 185 SEK

Chicken salad with panko breaded chicken, tomato, onion, salad, bacon and grana padano dressing 175 SEK

Steamed back of cod with horseradish cream, soybeans, red onion, dill, browned butter & boiled potato 245 SEK

Seared sea trout with gnocchi, romanesco, lemon & herb foam 215 SEK

Lamb porchetta with salvia, onion cream, yellow carrot & vinegar gravy 205 SEK

Sirloin, salsa verde, black cabbage, yellow beetroot, baked onion and red wine sauce 255 SEK

Beef tender loin, levain, dijon, salad, egg yolk, horseradish, tomato and onion. Served with French fries. 195 SEK

With green pea puree, tempura deep fried broccoli and beetroot crisp 165 SEK



Crème brûlée 95 SEK

Lemon tarte with lemon cream, Italian meringue, raspberry and raspberry coulies 85 SEK

Snickers - fudge, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and salted peanuts 95 SEK

Frozen yoghurt with raspberries, licorice crisp and raspberry compote 55 SEK


Do you have any food allergies? Please ask our staff about what the food contains.

Opening hours

Regular opening hours

Monday-Thursday 11.30- 14.00
Friday 11.30- 14. 00 and17.00- 22.00
Saturday 17.00-22.00

Lunch is served 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Monday–Friday. 
*The lobby bar is open until 1o p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays

Marina Bar & Bistro will close from 29 march. We welcome our guests to our pub, The Bishops Arms.

Contact us

Kungstorget 6
Box 1013
251 10 Helsingborg