Enjoy delicious Christmas food in an atmospheric environment with us at Elite Plaza Hotel. With classic flavours and with many modern elements, we offer an experience beyond the ordinary.

This year we serve our evening Christmas buffet in four steps. Two cold servings at the table consisting of a plate of herring and salmon and one with cold cuts. Afterwards, warm dishes and desserts are served on a buffet.

At lunchtime, we offer a Christmas-inspired three-course lunch. For larger parties, it is also possible to book a lunch Christmas buffet in the pleasant Wine Archive. Here, the lunch Christmas buffet is served in three steps. A cold serving on a plate at the table and then warm dishes and desserts on a buffet.

You are offered mulled wine and gingerbread before the meal as well as a real Christmas atmosphere in our beautifully decorated restaurant.

Contact us on 031-720 40 40 or swea@elite.se for more information.

Facts & Terms

Evening Christmas buffet

Our evening Christmas buffet is served Wednesday-Saturday between 25/11-18/12. During the period 29/11-14/12, our evening Christmas table is also served on Mondays and Tuesdays on request and for at least 20 people.

Price: 745 SEK, children 0-6 years: 125 SEK, 7-12 years: 350 SEK

Price: 595 SEK, children 0-6 years: 125 SEK, 7-12 years: 350 SEK

Chambre Separée
In addition to our seats in the restaurant, it is possible to sit separately in the pleasant Wine Archive, a minimum of 20 people.
Price: 845 SEK incl. premises rent

Lunch Christmas buffet

Christmas-inspired three-course lunch
Our Christmas-inspired three-course lunch is served Monday-Friday the 29/11-17/12.
Price: 495 SEK

Lunch Christmas buffet
Our lunch Christmas buffet is served in the pleasant Wine Archive on request and for at least 20 people.
Price: 695 SEK incl. premises rent