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Grands Veranda

  • Grands Veranda with bar and tables at Elite Grand Hotel
Grands Veranda

Grands Veranda

Experience a unique setting at Grands Veranda with panoramic windows overlooking Strandgatan and Gavleån. The restaurant serves classic food with a modern twist. The veranda also has a bar that becomes a natural gathering place for those who appreciate good service and want to relax with a beer, a glass of wine or an exciting cocktail. We play lounge music, all for you to be able to relax and enjoy together with your companion.

We serve breakfast every morning for our hotel guests.
Non-hotel guests are welcome for an additional cost. 
Please note that we do not serve any breakfast guests from outside on weekends
Adults: weekdays: 149 SEK
Children: 0–3 years: free of charge, 3–12 years: 75 SEK

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+46 26-400 73 00


À la carte menu Grands Veranda


Butter baked cabbage 135 SEK/veg 115 SEK
Pata negra ham, toasted hazelnuts, Swedish aged cheese, white wine, truffle (L, N)

Toast Skagen 135 SEK
Brioche, hand peeled shrimps, white fish roe, pickled onion (G, L, E)

Cheese & charcuterie board 145 SEK (G, L, N)

Oliver 45 SEK

Main course

Grilled entrecote 315 SEK
Garlic butter, vinegar baked tomatoes, grilled onion, French fries (L)

Butter fried cod 285 SEK
Horseradish cream, grilled shrimp, pak choi, chili, soy butter, potato puree (L)

Beetroot hash browns 175 SEK
Chevré crème, honey, hazelnuts, fried oyster mushroom, kale (L, N, E)

Verandan’s hamburger 165 SEK
Verandan’s dressing, potato bun, aged Swedish cheese, barbeque onion, bacon (G, L, E)

Caesar salad 165 SEK
Chicken, roasted bacon (G, L, E)

Fried fish and seafood 175 SEK
Sweet potato fries, chili mayonnaise, grilled lemon, sugar peas (G, E)

Verandan’s shrimp sandwich 189 SEK
Fried rye bread, dill mayonnaise, pickled onion (G, L, E)


Baked chocolate 95 SEK
Cherry sorbet, seed crunch, rum syrup (G, L, E, N)

Homemade ice cream 45 SEK

Homemade sorbet 45 SEK

Three pralines (L, N) 75 SEK

Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 06:30–09:00
Saturday–Sunday: 07:30–10:30

Monday-Friday: 11:30–13:00

Restaurant and bar
Monday–Saturday: 17:00–21:30
Sunday: Closed

Contact us

Kyrkogatan 28
803 11 Gävle