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Successful meetings

Two persons having coffe at a table

Arrange a successful meeting, conference or lecture with us at Elite Hotels. We offer flexible conference rooms throughout Sweden.

Let us book an inspiring lecture or activity in connection with your conference. We collaborate with several professional partners and are happy to help planning your meeting. Do not miss our popular coffee breaks, an appreciated break during your meeting day. We serve a fantastic buffet of homemade health bars, smoothies, cakes and other goodies. Welcome to book your next meeting experience with us!

Inspiring meetings

Tips for a successful meeting

A clear goal

Set a clear goal and purpose with your meeting and follow it up throughout the meeting day. Make sure you are one step ahead; all successful meetings require some planning and thoughts. Start the planning well in advance to ensure that everyone can participate and that the meeting will be as you intended. We are happy to help you prepare and can take care of the details and implementation.


Choosing the right destination is important. How should the participants get to the meeting? Should the meeting be arranged in a small town or do you want proximity to the city pulse? Do you need large or small premises? Maybe proximity to water, a historic place or the opportunity for team building activities? Be sure to adapt the venue to your particular conference and its purpose.


The price for conferences is directly linked to demand, and you can save a lot of money by planning and arranging a meeting on days with less demand. For example, if you can schedule your meeting on a Monday or a Friday, or plan your meeting on a week with less demand, there is money to be saved.

Visit the venue

Before you decide on a larger gathering, be sure to book a viewing. It is valuable to see what the premises look like, how they are equipped and how the logistics should work. Also, look at the hotel rooms if the participants are to stay overnight. Discuss all the details around your meeting with the hotel's conference staff. Go through your preferences about the schedule, food and other practical things. In this way, you get to know the conference staff, which is a must for a successful conference!


Keep in mind that you may need to adapt your meeting to allergies or disabilities. Our kitchen and service staff make sure to solve all types of wishes that you may have.


Flight, train, bus or taxi. Plan transports for your participants with an efficient and affordable itinerary, or let us help you make a travel plan for your participants.


Make sure everyone is in place well in advance so that everyone gets off to a good start. Starting the day with a cup of coffee is usually a great way for the participants to gather their thoughts and be fully present during the meeting. If you want to do something extra, you can gather your participants early for a run or a workout. We can help with all this.


Make a clear plan and share it with all participants at the beginning of the day, if not sooner. Ensure your participants know when there is a coffee break, lunch and dinner and then try to stick to this. This means that the participants do not have to wonder and can instead concentrate on the meeting itself.

Recharge the batteries

A successful meeting needs frequent breaks. A break to mingle, replenish energy, take some oxygen or respond to that urgent email is crucial to get the most out of the active meeting sessions. After a long day in a meeting room, you may need to unwind with a walk or rest in the room before dinner, so be sure to weave this into the program as well.


Make sure to activate all the senses and use the technical aids available, for example, film, sound, big screen and Powerpoint. We have excellent technical equipment and competent staff who can help you with most things.


Is it possible to do something you have never done before? Learning something new or just networking through activities can be fun memories for life. We offer various activities and have, for example, a much-appreciated beer tasting that is guaranteed to change the participants' views on beer. Please contact us for more suggestions.

Reflections from the meeting

When the meeting is over, you should take the time to look back. Was it successful? Did you achieve the goals? Are there lessons to be learned? Compile the material and make sure that everyone has access to it. Make sure it is not only presentations and summaries of workshops, but also happy pictures and photos.

Welcome to contact our conference booking for tips, inspiration and booking of conferences and events - conference@elite.se