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Conference at Elite Grand Hotel, Gävle

  • Conferenceroom Pelarsalen at Elite Grand Hotel in Gävle

Conference at Elite Grand Hotel, Gävle

Modern meetings in a classical setting

Welcome to meet at Elite Grand Hotel in Gävle. We offer 6 beautiful meeting rooms and one group room dating back to the early 1900s. With modern meeting technology, we supplement our magnificent rooms, which are all different designs and sizes.

Our largest room, Galleriet, boasts beautiful wood details and open spaces and is ideal for large conferences and lectures. If you are looking for a banquet hall or a mingle room, we can offer our beautiful Pelarsalong, with breathtaking ceiling and wall decorations.


  • 5 Premises
  • 124 Hotel rooms
  • 2–130 Persons
  • 1 Restaurant
  • Lift
  • Parking
  • WiFi
  • Flipchart
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Microphone
  • Notepad and pens
  • Fruit
  • Water

We offer a total 5 conference rooms in varying sizes dating back to the early 1900s, with a capacity of up to 130 people. Our meeting facilities are equipped with modern conference technology and you will be guided safely by our conference hosts from start to finish.


Seating arrangement SQM Cinema School U-shape Banquet Board
Galleriet 93 130 80 40 45 50
Pelarsalen 80 80 60 28 35 30
Teatersalen 38 40 30 24 30 26
Skrif- och läsrummet 36 - - - - 14
Barberaren 0 - - - - 8
The Wine Cellar 25 - - - - 10



Galleriet is a large beautiful room (93 m2) with light herringbone parquet floor and stately dark-stained wooden walls. This is our largest conference room, with capacity for up to 130 people. The room is equipped with all necessary conference technology and is suitable for both large conferences and meetings.


Pelarsalen is a beautiful salon of 80 m2 from the early 1900s with stucco in the ceiling and magnificent decorations on the walls. The salon is fitted with all necessary conference technology and can seat up to 80 people.


Light and airy room of 38 m2 with two large, beautiful wooden doors. The room is equipped with all necessary conference technology and can seat up to 40 people.

Skrif- och läsrummet

Light and airy room, 36 m2 with large windows. The facility is equipped with all necessary conference technology and can seat up to 14 people.


Barberaren is a group room seating up to 8 people. The room is light and airy with tall windows and beautiful natural light.

The Wine Cellar

Book Elite Grand Hotel's cozy wine cellar for your next meeting. This is a unique meeting room with seating for up to 10 people where we also arrange dinners and wine tastings upon request. 

Elite Grand hotel is centrally located on Kyrkogatan in Gävle with a lovely restaurant and spa facility. The hotel was opened as early as 1901 and is now carefully preserved, with a veranda and beautiful halls, with top-modern equipment to maintain a high, four-star standard.

Grands Veranda with bar and tables at Elite Grand Hotel

Grands Veranda

Experience a unique setting at the Grands Veranda with panoramic windows overlooking the Strandgatan and Gavleån. The restaurant serves classic food with a modern twist.

Opening hours

Monday–Friday: 06:30–09:30
Saturday: 07:30–11:00
Sunday: 07:30–11:00

Monday–Friday: 11:30–13:30

Restaurant and bar
Monday–Thursday: 17:00–22:00
Friday–Saturday: 17:00–23:00
Sunday: Closed

Opening hours - spring & summer

May 1: 07:30–11:00
May 30: 07:30–11:00
June 6: 07:30–11:00
Midsummer June 21–22: 07:30–11:00
July 1–August 18: 07:00–10:30

May 30: Closed
June 6: Closed
June 21–August 19: Closed

Restaurant and bar
May 1: Closed
May 30: 17:00–22:00
Midsummer June 21–22: Closed
June 6: 17:00–22:00
June 24–August 18
Monday–Thursday: 17:00–22:00
Friday–Saturday: 17:00–23:00

Breakfast at Elite Grand Hotel

Our generous breakfast buffet is served in our restaurant Grands Veranda every day of the week.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 06:30–09:30
Saturday 07:30–11:00
Sunday 07:30–12:00