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When you choose to stay at an Elite Hotels, you are not only greeted with luxurious comfort and top-notch service, but you can also expect versatile parking options to make your stay even more convenient. Within our hotel chain, we strive to cater to each guest's unique needs, and this includes parking facilities.

For guests who prefer to have their car nearby and within convenient walking distance, several of our hotels offer complimentary parking right on the hotel premises. This means that you can check in, park your car, and relax with the assurance that your vehicle is safely and comfortably situated. For hotels that do not have the capacity to provide on-site parking, we have convenient parking garages nearby or recommendations for parking options in close proximity to the hotel.

Regardless of which Elite Hotels you choose, you can rest assured that we have taken your parking comfort and convenience into consideration. Our goal is to make your stay as hassle-free as possible. Welcome to Elite Hotels.

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Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Stockholm

Saltsjöqvarns Kaj 25, Nacka, 131 71 Stockholm
Member price 909 SEK/Night
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Elite Stadshotellet, Västerås

Stora Torget 7, 721 03 Västerås
Member price 882 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Esplanade, Malmö

Master Johansgatan 15, 211 21 Malmö
Member price 686 SEK/Night
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The Wood Hotel by Elite, Skellefteå

Torggatan 3, 931 32 Skellefteå
Member price 1217 SEK/Night
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Hotel Bishops Arms, Kiruna

Föreningsgatan 6, 981 31 Kiruna
Member price 971 SEK/Night
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Elite Park Avenue Hotel, Gothenburg

Kungsportsavenyn 36-38, 411 36 Göteborg
Member price 668 SEK/Night
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Elite Grand Hotel, Gävle

Kyrkogatan 28, 803 11 Gävle
Member price 1084 SEK/Night
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Elite Plaza Hotel, Örnsköldsvik

Hotellgatan 9, 891 39 Örnsköldsvik
Member price 824 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Adlon, Stockholm

Vasagatan 42, 111 20 Stockholm
Member price 756 SEK/Night
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Elite Eden Park Hotel, Stockholm

Sturegatan 22, 114 36 Stockholm
Member price 972 SEK/Night
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Elite Stadshotellet, Växjö

Kungsgatan 6, 352 33 Växjö
Member price 533 SEK/Night
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Ad Astra by Elite

Västra Mälarehamnen 9, 151 36 Södertälje
Member price 1330 SEK/Night
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Elite Grand Hotel, Norrköping

Tyska Torget 2, 600 41 Norrköping
Member price 621 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Ideon, Lund

Scheelevagen 27, 223 63 Lund
Member price 828 SEK/Night
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Elite Stora Hotellet, Linköping

Stora Torget 9, 582 19 Linköping
Member price 732 SEK/Night
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Hotel Bishops Arms, Köping

Stora Gatan 10, 731 30 Köping
Member price 939 SEK/Night
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Elite Stadshotellet, Karlstad

Kungsgatan 22, 652 24 Karlstad
Member price 729 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Mollberg, Helsingborg

Stortorget 18, 251 14 Helsingborg
Member price 684 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza

Birger Jarlsgatan 29, 103 95 Stockholm
Member price 716 SEK/Night
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Elite Stora Hotellet, Jönköping

Hotellplan 3, 553 20 Jönköping
Member price 583 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Savoy, Malmö

Norra Vallgatan 62, 211 22 Malmö
Member price 691 SEK/Night
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Elite Stadshotellet, Luleå

Storgatan 15, 972 32 Luleå
Member price 829 SEK/Night
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Elite Hotel Academia, Uppsala

Suttungs Grand 6, 753 19 Uppsala
Member price 576 SEK/Night
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