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Bicky Chakraborty

Black and white picture of Bicky Chakraborty


We have very sad news. Elite Hotels of Sweden's founder and owner Bicky Chakraborty has passed away after a period of illness.

Bicky Chakraborty was a well-known entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist. He arrived in Sweden from India at the age of 21, and alongside his studies, he recognized the need to improve housing for Stockholm's students. His interest was piqued. From there, a direct line leads to the large, well-managed, and successful hotel chain, Elite Hotels of Sweden, that we all see today. Elite Hotels of Sweden currently consists of 41 hotels, the gastropub chain The Bishops Arms, the spa concept Vana Spa, and the restaurants Paolos.

Elite Hotels not only revolutionized the entire hotel market in Sweden by providing unparalleled quality but, thanks to Bicky's care, many Swedish cities have also gained proud and beautiful city hotels in carefully restored buildings that might otherwise have been converted or demolished. For 40 years, Bicky and Elite have been a continuously driving force in developing the hotel industry in Sweden, most recently by opening the innovative The Wood Hotel by Elite, which is a climate-positive building and the world's tallest wooden hotel.

David Halldén, CEO and Group Chief Executive Officer of Elite Hotels of Sweden.

Bicky Chakraborty's passing resonates far beyond our industry and well beyond the close-knit circle that knew him. Bicky was a summer host on Swedish Radio in 2007, received the Albert Bonnier Award for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008, and in the same year, he was honored with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman – the Indian President's Medal for meritorious service abroad. He was also a recipient of both the Royal Patriotic Society's Business Medal and His Majesty the King's Medal in the 12th size.

Bicky's dedication, passion for his fellow humans, and immense heart were evident, especially in his philanthropic endeavors. He served on the boards of Stockholm City Mission and Drottningholm Theatre, sponsored the August Prize for many years, and was a long-term supporter of entrepreneurship at KTH. His longstanding involvement in Swedish Tennis is well-known, and his philanthropy extended internationally, including the construction of two hospitals in India and sponsorship of clean water projects in Vietnam.

Bicky had a very long-term perspective on his business. He often spoke of his hundred-year view. Elite Hotels of Sweden was his life's work, not a venture to be quickly built up or sold off. His daughter, Caroline Chakraborty, has served on Elite Hotels' board for over 15 years and has been actively involved in the company's development for a long time. She will continue to own and lead Elite Hotels in Bicky's spirit.

Bicky Chakraborty was a man with a big heart. He was a family man with a sense of what mattered most in life. Our thoughts and support are now with the Chakraborty family - primarily with his wife Ylva and daughter Caroline, along with her husband Paolo and their three grandchildren.

In sorrow, Elite Hotels of Sweden.

Read the full press release here (Swedish).