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History of Elite Hotels

Sofa with chairs in lobby.

At the end of the 1960s, a business idea was created at Stockholm's Student Union.

The idea was to offer empty student rooms as hotel rooms during the summer, and needless to say, it became a success. The organisation was run as a foundation until 1980, when the business transformed into a corporation - SSRS Holding AB - with Bicky Chakraborty at the helm. Three years later, the prestigious Hotel Savoy in Malmö was acquired, which was the starting point for the journey towards today's quality profile. Since 1991, the business has been run as Elite Hotels of Sweden, with David Halldén as CEO since 2018. The family-owned company is today owned by Caroline Chakraborty.



The company name (from April 1991) is Elite Hotels of Sweden AB. Elite Hotels is the largest privately owned hotel chain in Sweden with more than 40 facilities in Sweden.



1980 Stora Hotellet in Örebro, acquisition of enterprise

1982 Stockholm Plaza, acquisition of property

1983 Savoy in Malmö, acquisition of enterprise and property

1984 Stockholm Plaza opens; SSRS sells 50 % of the property

1984 Stora Hotellet in Örebro, acquisition of property

1984 Stadshotellet in Karlstad, acquisition of property

1985 Stadshotellet in Karlstad, acquisition of enterprise

1986 Restaurant Adlon, Helsingfors, sold 1991

1986 Grand Hotel in Norrköping, management contract

1986 Savoy Hotel expanded by 28 rooms through acquisition of neighbouring property

1987 Restaurant Aquavit, New York, sold 1991

1988 Stadshotellet in Västerås, acquisition of property and enterprise

1988 Grand Hotel Norrköping, acquisition of property

1989 Hotel Mollberg in Helsingborg, acquisition of enterprise

1990 Marina Plaza in Helsingborg opens – enterprise

1991 Nova Park Hotel in Huddinge, acquisition of enterprise and property, sold 1999

1994 Palace Hotel, acquisition of enterprise

1999 Elite Plaza in Gothenburg, opens – enterprise and 50 % of the property

1999 Hotel Residens in Malmö, acquisition of enterprise and property

2000 Strandbaden in Falkenberg, enterprise and property, sold 2011

2001 Stadshotellet in Växjö – acquisition of enterprise

2001 Stora Hotellet in Jönköping – acquisition of enterprise

2001 Stadshotellet in Luleå – acquisition of enterprise

2002 Elite Hotel Knaust in Sundsvall reopened – enterprise

2005 Elite Park Avenue Hotel in Gothenburg – enterprise

2008 Elite Park Hotel, Växjö – acquisition of enterprise

2008 Elite Hotel Arcadia in Stockholm reopened – enterprise

2008 Hotel Bishops Arms in Köping – acquisition of property

2010 Elite Hotel Marina Tower in Stockholm – enterprise

2010 Hotel Bishops Arms in Kristianstad – enterprise

2010 Elite Plaza Hotel in Malmö – enterprise

2011 Hotel Bishops Arms in Kiruna – enterprise

2011 Elite Eden Park Hotel in Stockholm – enterprise

2011 Elite Stora Hotellet in Linköping – acquisition of enterprise

2012 Elite Stadshotellet in Eskilstuna reopened – enterprise

2013 Elite Hotel Ideon in Lund – enterprise

2013 Elite Grand Hotel in Gävle – acquisition of enterprise and property

2013 Elite Plaza Hotel in Örnsköldsvik – enterprise

2014 Elite Hotel Adlon in Stockholm – acquisition of enterprise

2015 Hotel Bishops Arms in Piteå – enterprise

2016 Hotel Bishops Arms in Lund – acquisition of property

2016 Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå – enterprise

2017 Elite Hotel Academia in Uppsala – enterprise

2017 Elite Hotel Carolina Tower in Stockholm – enterprise

2018 City Hotel Örebro – enterprise

2018 Elite Hotel Adlon in Malmö – enterprise

2018 Elite Hotel Adlon in Malmö – enterprise

2018 Hotel Bishops Arms in Strängnäs

2018 Hotel Bishops Arms in Mora

2021 Elite Hotel Brage in Borlänge

2021 The Wood Hotel by Elite in Skellefteå

2022 Ad Astra by Elite in Södertälje