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Reward night

From 8,500 Points

Use your well-earned points for a reward night at one of our hotels! The number of points required for a reward night depends on your choice of room type and hotel. Simply log in and search for your favourite hotel on our rewards page, which you can find via the button below.

Gift Card

From 25,000 Points

Your Gift Card can be used at any* Elite Hotel across Sweden. Delivery time approximately 1 week.

*Not valid at Elite Eden Park Hotel in Stockholm.

Audio books - Storytel

From 3,000 Points

Put a silver lining to your days with an audiobook from Storytel - Sweden's largest audiobook service! Listen as much as you like with the Storytel Unlimited subscription.

The gift code is delivered by e-mail within one working day.

Christmas buffet voucher

From 6,500 Points

Take the opportunity to use your hard-earned points to our delicious and tasty Christmas buffet. We offer a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet with a modern twist for a unique experience. The voucher is valid as full or partial payment. Delivery approximately 1 week (contact if you plan to use the check within the next few days).

Restaurant voucher

From 7,500 Points

Treat yourself to a meal at one of Elite Hotels restaurants or at The Bishops Arms. The voucher can be used as full or partial payment for food and drinks. Delivery time is approximately 1 week (contact if you plan to use the voucher in the coming days).

Breakfast voucher

From 3,000 Points

Treat yourself and a friend to breakfast! With a breakfast voucher you are welcome to enjoy a delicious breakfast at one of our hotels. The voucher can be used any day of the week and is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Delivery time approximately 1 week (contact if you plan to use the voucher in the coming days). Please contact the hotel restaurant prior to your visit, as the voucher is subject to availability.

Donate your points to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation! The points are used to give affected families a complimentary hotel stay. There is no limit to how much you are able to donate. Choose from the amounts below or donate an amount of your choosing by e-mailing us at

Car rental

From 20,000 Points

Do you need a car for the weekend or just for a day? Use your points to rent a car from Europcar. The offer is only valid for rentals in Sweden. For weekend rentals, you are able to use the car from 8:00 am on Friday until 8:00 am on Monday. VAT, insurance (excess reduction for damage and theft) and free mileage is included, fuel is not included. Service Center will be in touch shortly after your request to confirm the booking.

Domestic flights

From 12,500 Points

Use your points for a domestic flight with the airline BRA! Find out more about BRA's destinations and much more at Flights can be booked any day of the week and bookings are non-amendable. Service Center will be in touch shortly after your request to confirm the booking.

Please note; Trips that requires a stopover counts as two trips.

Live it experiences

From 10,000 Points

Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience! Live It offers experience boxes containing 95 different experiences all across Sweden. The recipient can choose from wine tastings to and beauty treatments to adrenaline filled activities. The box is valid for one year, so there is plenty of time to experience something new. Delivery time 1-2 weeks.

Boxes can only be sent to addresses within Sweden.