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How to earn points

Points for overnight stays, food and drink

You earn points for your overnight stays, and for your food and drink at Elite Hotels, in both our hotel restaurants and at The Bishops Arms. You also earn points for the different services offered by the hotel, such as pay TV, telephone, laundry, garage etc. This is on the condition that you use the services in connection with your overnight stay and that payment is made on your personal hotel bill.

You also earn points and nights for your overnight stay at Hotel Bishops Arms.

Points for conferences

As a member, you earn 750 points per night for conferences. Should you choose to take advantage of some of our services for your own personal use and add it to your hotel bill, then you naturally earn additional points according to the standard principle of SEK 1 earns 1 point.

Points for others guests

If as a member, you are responsible for the hotel bill in connection with you staying at the hotel and dining in the hotel restaurant, then you earn points for up to 5 people with a maximum of SEK 5,000. Your membership card must be shown at the time of ordering, and only one membership card per group can be used.

The basic rule is that you can only earn points for the room in which you are staying. The exception is when you, as a member, have booked rooms together with your family during one single visit. By family, we mean children up to the age of 18 years and partners.